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Active LVAD Shirt

Designed for your body and active lifestyle, the Active LVAD shirt increases your comfort doing activities that you love most.

Embrace a custom fit

Your Active LVAD Shirt will be customized to fit your body. Initial shirt purchase includes a consultation for measurements, to specify pocket placements, and choose closures that best fit your lifestyle and needs.


Want an LVAD shirt designed for you? 

Through many iterations, the Active LVAD Shirt has been designed to work for you. Adjusting the sizing and pocket placement based on your measurements means your shirt will give you comfort, access to equipment, and security while wearing your LVAD.



The shirt is designed to distribute the weight of the LVAD equipment. It is made of stretch, wicking sports material and will fit close to your body to minimize equipment shifting.


The shirt allows easy access to the equipment, with a front zipper for the drive line and easy-to-open pockets.


The controller and batteries are kept secure in the pockets with your choice of hook and tape closures, snaps, or hooks. Tabs hold the power cables close to your body.

Fitting challenges?

Each of us has fitting challenges when it comes to clothes. This could mean everything from shoulders that are different heights to mobility issues that make it difficult to lift a shirt over your head. Because the Active LVAD shirt is customized to your measurements and lifestyle, any and all fitting challenges can be addressed. 


The shirt pictured to the right was designed for a customer with limited arm mobility. The additional opening with hook and tape closure allows him to put it on like a vest and close it so that it fits close to his body.


Please note that some specialized fitting or adaptations may require additional costs.

More information?

To learn more about ordering a custom fit Active LVAD Shirt please contact us to set up an appointment and get a measuring guide. We can connect with you in-person or virtually to walk you through the measurement process.  

Owner and sewer

To speak with Laura Martell Kelly, the owner of Sew Inviting and creator of the Active LVAD Shirt, please contact her at 651.695.9975 or at

Customer and champion

To speak with an Active LVAD Shirt customer, and champion of getting anyone who has an LVAD into a comfortable shirt that allows for an active lifestyle, please contact Ross Stephenson at 913.219.0751 or at

For questions about your appropriate level of activity, please contact your health care provider.


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